Specify “Orphan Feeding Program” with your donation.

Simplify the holidays and special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries by making a gift of hope for the people of Southern Malawi’s health and future.

Contact St. David’s at www.stdave.org

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$100 donation
For food and medicine
for 12 orphans for 5 months



Your help is urgently needed to provide for these most basic of needs for our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Southern Malawi. Through your donations to this effort, whole communities are able to raise their standard of living and improve their productivity. And by helping the church do this work, you are participating in some of the most vital mission work of the Episcopal Church. Not only is this work saving lives, but it is bringing whole communities closer to the church.

Not only do the wells provide much needed water for the community, but locating the wells at the local church helps the community to accept the church and build affinities towards it. Going to the church daily to obtain water creates a church-centered culture in the community that we all wish that we could achieve even in our own lives. In addition, the Rector can ensure the sustainability of the facilities and in the process is accepted into the community as a trusted leader. In addition, building wells closer to the where the families currently live, reduces the daily time spent collecting water, allowing girls more time to attend school, and mother’s more time to care for their families.

Warm Heart International, Inc. is pleased to support the Clean Water Initiative for Southern Malawi created by Emmanuel, St. John the Divine, and St. Martin’s Episcopal Churches of Houston, with additional participation by other churches within the Diocese of Texas. The Clean Water Initiative plans to build eight new water wells strategically located near schools and church properties in our partner diocese, the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi, in 2013. The Clean Water Initiative will also add latrines to primary schools associated with churches of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi.

Your tax deductible contributions can be made by clicking the DONATE link, or sending a check payable to Warm Heart International to:

Clean Water Initiative
C/O Warm Heart International
301 E. 8th St.
Austin, TX 78701.

Thank you and God Bless.


Clean Water Initiative
for Southern Malawi