Warm Heart International, Inc. (WHI), is based in Austin, Texas and currently active in the country of Malawi, Africa where we work closely with local partner organizations. WMI is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to freshwater projects, medical care projects, orphan care projects and youth-to-youth interaction.

MOST CURRENT 501 (3) (C) DOCUMENTATION: 2011 990 filing

Although WMI was incorporated only recently, the group has been active in Malawi since the 1980s. Over the years, through fundraisers and direct gifts, we have raised approximately $45,000, of which 100% has gone directly to service projects.

2001-2002: $11,118.00 education and vehicle expenses
2002-2003: $5,700.00 education and vehicle expenses
2003-2004: $650.00 general support expenses
2003-2004: $240.00 Simple Gift program supporting new school desks
2004-2005: $8,000.00 support structure construction expenses
2005-2006: $15,000.00 wind powered well installation in Mindante Village
2005-2006: $2,463.00 Simple Gift Orphan Care project
2005-2006: $1,850.00 Computer and periferals for Rev. Charles Masina

Total contributions: $45,021.00

Below is a brief description of our current projects:

Freshwater Projects:

Our goal for 2006-2007 is to raise funds to install three additional windpowered wells in Southern Malawi.

Warm Heart International, in partnership with Water for People, the village of Mindanti, and the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Malawi, plan four wind-powered wells for the village of Mindanti, where currently only one manual T-bar well serves 1,200 people. To date we have raised $15,000 for the first windpowered pilot project. Construction is underway on the first well.

Medical Care Projects:

Warm Heart International is working in conjunction with St. Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre and other local groups to provide medical tools for training healthcare professionals, and to provide equipment and medical supplies to rural clinics. We have established a safe and reliable shipping destination and have been transporting supplies donated by American medical organizations.

AIDS Orphan Care Projects:

Warm Heart International is participating with the Lisuli Orphan Care Project and other local groups to provide daily meals for the 730 orphans. We are also helping to support the self-sustaining Living Skills Center, which is teach orphans such trades as tin-smithing, carpentry and making clothing. These skills are in high demand in the area, and will help break the cycle of poverty and build hope for these children’s future.