Austin, Texas 2/1/17 by Rev. Chuck Treadwell

In mid August I boarded a plane for Blantyre, Malawi. This was my first trip to the African continent, and my first ministry trip as the new rector of St. David’s in Austin. My new friend and guide, Tom Gebhard had been to Malawi over a dozen times, so I knew I was in competent hands. The hospitality and fidelity to God that we experienced among the myriad people we met along the way were beautiful and inspiring. The poverty and desperate need of some of the people we met were heart breaking and overwhelming.

A good portion of the 8 days we were in the country were spent in the cramped back seats of small vehicles with worn out suspensions, bouncing from village to village; seeing water projects, feeding programs, literacy classes, children’s schools and vibrant congregations that our parishes and programs in our diocese support.

Tom’s primary mission was to solve the decade long problem of getting fresh water into the remote village of Mindanti. When this is solved, a community healthy clinic can open, allowing women to deliver babies in a safe, clean environment. Great progress was made.

At every stop a question was never far from my mind and one that is in the forefront of Christian missionary endeavors around the world, as well as in our own diocese. The question is also on the minds of many people in Malawi.

The Question is this: “How do we move from the model of resourced people constantly coming to the rescue of those in need to sustainable relationship building based on the kingdom?” The desire to move to the later has inspired a Companion Diocese relationship between our two dioceses—the Diocese of Southern Malawi and the Diocese of Texas. However, we must acknowledge and navigate the resource imbalance between the two places. How can we develop meaningful friendships when one side of the relationship has at its disposal many of the resources the other side desperately needs?

Our goal is to know one another as partners in spreading the gospel. It is inspiring on both sides of the relationship to know others across the world committed to the same purpose: to bring the love of Christ to a broken world. Face-to-face contact is crucial. Some people from each place must travel to see the other in order to see “What the Lord is doing in the place” and to report back joyfully about the might acts of God. "Come 'Taste and See' and join us on our fifth Pilgrimage to Southern Malawi in the Summer of 2019"

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2013 Brisket Fest raises over $1,700 for Warm Heart International Malawi
Partnership initiatives.

The Fall 2013 Holy Smoke Brisket Fest fund raising event targeting UT/OUParties was a tasty success.Special thanks to Ray Trono ”Chef Ray” at St. David’s Episcopal Church (Austin) for incredable BBQ and all the volunteers supporting this successfull Holy Smoke Brisket Fest. All profits benefit projects in the Diocese of Southern Malawi throughout the year.

Stay tuned for word about our for our spring Holy Smoke Brisket Fest event.

First Trip to Africa