Youth to Youth Exchange Project

Project Goals
Building a partnership between Malawi youth and Austin and other U.S. youth to further intercultural understandings, and provide economic support for youth in Malawi.

What can you  or your youth do?


Create a short video clip addressing one of the topics listed below, or your own personal narrative.  Clips will be posted on this site along with videos submitted by youth in Malawi.  We are encouraging youth to create the short clips, but personal narratives such as below are awesome as well.  The clips below represent our first exchange effort.


Youth to Youth Video Invitation

Eliza's Video for Nafe

Alinafe's Video


Suggested topics for short video clips:

§       Environment, city

§       Community

§       Cultural, crafts

§       What is different, unique about our town, what is unique, or special or important to you about where you are from, your life.

§       Music in Austin (or your town) vs. music in Blantrye

§       Pets

§       Growth industries in Malawi – what is it that people do to make a living vs. How do people make a living in Austin?

§       What do families do in the evening?

§       Celebration of holidays

§       Homes

§       Transportation

§       Shopping – Market


Contact Theresa Melomo at  for creation information and/or submission of videos clips.


Fund Raising
House Concerts:
Efforts are currently underway to offer two potential house concerts this spring, one for youth and one for families.  Watch this space for more developments.

Book Donations
We are currently gathering middle and high school literature, both secular and non-secular.  The books will be brought to Malawi this summer for the youth center at St.Paul’s cathedral in Blantyre.

Contact Theresa Melomo at  to donate books.

How does this project serve youth in Malawi?

Much of Malawi's youth currently lacks the resources and opportunities that would help them become productive members of their society. They face a very high unemployment rate, and most cannot find employment during the transition from high school to college. Many have been orphaned by HIV and lack a strong community. With nothing to do and too little support, many turn to risky behaviors such as sex, drug use, and gang activity.

Warm Heart International, in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi, is seeking to create partnerships between American and Malawian youth to encourage, support and fund projects such as the Skills Development Center, which offers short courses in subjects such as computer skills, leadership training, arts and crafts, gardening, agriculture-forestry, athletics, sports, career guidance, tutoring, and reading. Our initial focus is in Blantyre, the commercial center of Southern Malawi. There is currently only one youth center in Blantyre.

Our goal is to create self-sustaining projects that provide resources and generate income from the sale of vegetables and crafts to provide stipend wages to unemployed youth, support diocesan youth programs, and maintain the center. The center will be located at St. Paul ’s Cathedral in downtown Blantyre.

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Other WHI focus efforts:

— Support training workshops for youth focusing on leadership, making successful choices, and HIV/AIDS awareness issues.

— Provide games, books, and netball and soccer uniforms for the Skills Development Center.

— Provide funding for computers to aid in tutoring and career-building programs.

— Provide funding for TV set for education, entertainment and empowerment programs.

— Provide funding for digital PowerPoint and video projects to empower Malawi youth to build partnerships elsewhere in the US.

Malawi youth effort wish list:

1.   2 desktop computers
2.   TV screen and VCR/DVD player
3.   Digital projector
4.   Used youth books (secular and christian)
5. Recreation equipment-Indoor equipment
— Table, tennis rackets net and balls
— Ping pong set
— Basket balls x12
— Volleyball nets x4
— Footballs-12
— Netballs-12
— Foot pumps x4
— Netball uniforms x4 sets
— Football uniforms x4 sets
— Assorted games (eg scrabble, chess, snakes and ladders etc)
— Camcorder, tripod stand
— Zoom camera